Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Vote Fraud in St. Clair County

Eric Weidmann was quoted in the paper as saying he is not interested in hearing what constitutes vote fraud; his interest is in how to fit it. To prevent vote fraud, two things need to take place. One, only accept ballots from valid voters; and two, prevent the voter from being influenced by outside sources. Both of these preventive measures seem to be a feasible request.

In order to verify the validity of a voter, the election judge should require each person requesting a ballot to present their voter ID card and some other form of picture ID. These documents should be compared to the poll-books given to each election judge. If we can ask this of people boarding an airplane, then we can ask this of people deciding the fate of our democracy.

To prevent outside influence, or vote buying, simply require receipts for every cent spent for an election. This information should also be accessible to anyone via the Internet. The State of Illinois already provides a web-site to facilitate this. The only thing missing the degree of granularity for which receipts are required. If the IRS can audit an individual, down to the dollar, then we should demand the same for our elected officials.

If the laws do not permit such processes, then it should be the committee’s duty to inform us of the procedure for changing the laws. If petitions need to be signed, let us know. This is one issue our elected officials should be very proactive at resolving. Given the small turnout at the public meetings, they should now take the first steps.

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