Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bonus Items

1) Once you have accumulated enough points, fly to an exotic location for a weekend get-away. Many times the firm will pay a portion of your air fare, which would be equivalent to the amount it would cost them to fly you home. Use your rental-car and hotel points for the weekend vacation.

2) See if the hotel offers a kitchenette. Preparing your own food is an excellent way to save your per diem. At the very least, ask the hotel for a microwave and small refrigerators. Most hotels have them, but are available only on request.

3) Get familiar with the airline workers at the gate. If you are going to be on a project lasting more than a few months, it would be good if you start to recognize the people trying to manage the boarding process. Bring them a smoothie or something. This is a great way to get preferential treatment and to get placed on the “Short-List” for first-class upgrades. After several weeks of flying, you will not want to ride coach.

4) Avoid frequent after-work drinking activities. A great way to kiss-up to your boss is to go out drinking with the team. It is also a great way to blow the extra cash you have been hording. Try drinking a club-soda with a lime. It is cheaper than a mixed drink and you will not get drunk.

5) Avoid the nudie bars. A great way to loose a ton of money is to go out with the guys to the strip-joints. Just say no.

6) Pay your debt ASAP. Most credit cards do not charge you interest if you pay them off immediately. Turn in your expense report promptly so you are reimbursed on the next paycheck. Make sure you use the money to pay off your credit card. Do not let a debt linger.

7) Invest in some quality luggage. Being a road-warrior means living out of a suitcase; so, buy some quality luggage and make sure you have one (or two) with some nice wheels. You might even be able to trade in some points for a good set of bags. Cheap bags will break down and cause more headaches – so will ones with cheap wheels. This is one item you have my permission to splurge on.

8) Get to know your location before you arrive. Use Google Earth or Map quest to familiarize yourself with the lay of the land. If you are going to take a taxi, then know the roads might save you some cash (there are taxi drivers who will take the long-way in order to get a larger fare).

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